“Z-Hunter” Hatchet

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In preparation for what could possibly be referred to as the worlds’ worst nightmare, smart planners need tools that are effective in combating and surviving the zombie apocalypse.

A hatchet is a must have for one to succeed in defending against a zombie attack, and the Z Hunter Hatchet is a tough tool that works well under pressure. Much like traditional hatchets, this weapon/tool is built with your survival in mind. Zombies have a lesser chance of defeating the one that carries this piece. Built with a sleek curved handle that fits perfectly to the palm, the handle also has a braided nylon wrapped handle that adds to the comfort and provides better grip when needed.

The body of the blade speaks for itself, painted the classic green color and featuring numerous skulls, most likely the intended zombie victims.

The blade features a double tooled head, with the custom curved blade for cutting and slashing on one edge, while the other side features a pick shaped point, perfect for cracking stubborn skulls.

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