Dark Link Package Sword, Shield and Belt

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We thought it was time to finally offer our best selling packages in this Dark Link version! The Dark Link Package not only offers the Dark Link Zelda Sword and Dark Link's Hyrule Shield, but also a rare Dark Link Belt Strap to give you the complete costume for your next cosplay event or theatrical productions at an amazing price! With holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect package deal!

The Dark Link Zelda Sword comes with the matching dark link scabbard. The hand painted black zelda sword measures an impressive 38 inches overall. The quality 440 stainless steel blade has a double sided factory edge and comes with the Triforce Icon imprint.
We included our deluxe Dark Link's Hyrule Crest Shield in this package to offer the best selling Dark Link Shield.

This shield has authentic hand painted detailing, measuring 24 inches by 18 inches, and comes with padded hand grip. When not in use, you can also hang this awesome piece and display for all to see!

Last, but not least, this packages is unique in that we added the rare Dark Link Black Leather Belt Strap! This is a universal belt that is able to adjust to different sizes of dark link swords. This belt strap is a rare find!

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