Russian Soviet WWII PPsh-41 SMG

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This PPsh-41 is a Soviet submachine gun that was manufactured to be an alternative to the PPD-40. This weapon carried the name ?Daddy? due to the PPSh initials, which provided the nicknames of ?pe-pe-sha? and ?papasha?, the Russian word for daddy.

This weapon was heavily used during WWII and the Korean War. This replica model features a realistic appearance with a black metal barrel and dark wooden stock.

This weapon has a length of 33.5 inches long and weighs 10 pounds. This replica PPSh-41 has a removable magazine and working bolt and trigger. The PPSH-41 is a great item to own for anyone that has a fascination with early war weaponry.

This replica firearm is NON-FIRING and cannot be made to fire real ammunition. You must 18 years of age or older to purchase.

California and Kansas: To comply with state law, residents purchasing a replica firearm must also order a frame. Orders will not be processed unless the frame is included in the order.

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Canada: We can no longer ship replica firearms to Canada; Customs is seizing all models, no matter the age.

We do not ship replica firearms overseas.

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