U.S. Volcanic Repeating Pistol

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Before the Winchester Repeater rifle, there was the Smith & Wesson Volcanic Repeating Pistol.

The simplicity of the design of this gun reflects its purpose: to be used. This was not a gun that gentlemen mounted on their walls; this was a reliable, workday gun with a lot of firepower that was–in its time–a fast, deadly weapon. The Volcanic Repeating Pistol was one of the early cartridge firing guns, meaning it entered a world full of guns that were still being muzzle-loaded between 1852 and 1855. The cartridge system was both faster and more reliable than front-loading systems.

This 15 inch long gun weighs 3 pounds and is finished in the original antique brass finish with wood grips.

This replica firearm is NON-FIRING and cannot be made to fire real ammunition. You must 18 years of age or older to purchase.

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