Fans of the hit television series, The Walking Dead will be excited to know that they can now own a part of Michonnes arsenal. Also known as “Samurai Woman”, Michonne proudly earns her nick-name by displaying her superior defense skills with her swords.


Michonne, one of the few survivors in the series The Walking Dead, is a character that has the potential to capture the respect of most viewers. Not much is known about this brave and courageous woman, except for the fact that she makes it quite clear that she knows how to defend herself against the horrid attack of the walking dead. Michonne is a African American woman that has a tendency to keep her distance. As a strong independent survivor, she has a tendency to listen to her inner-self when it comes to judging others. While Michonne plays a significant part in protecting the group that she comes across, she also has a tendency to keep herself emotionally detached, perhaps as a precaution to what might lie ahead during the quest for survival. Michonne is an attractive woman with braided hair, an athletic build and the ability to speak with her deceased boyfriend that unfortunately fell during the apocalyptic zombie invasion.