Many will be delighted to know that 2015 brings another season of “Vikings” the much enjoyed series of war, love and loss. It also brings our newest editions, both licensed quality products, the Limited Edition and Standard Edition of the Axe of Ragnar Lothbrock.

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The last season of Vikings brought the possibility of division between a family when it came apparent that Rollo and his brother undoubtedly will have a battle. Not only does Ragnar face the challenge of fighting his brother, he also must stomach his past affair and dishonesty to his wife Lagertha, while suffering the loss of his daughter. What will the next season bring? The upcoming season is sure to once again capture the attention and heart of all viewers.

Luckily the original cast members are ready to amaze us with more stellar action packed performance. Travis Fimmel returns as Ragnor, Clive Standen returns as Rollo. The rugged brutal King Horik is once again played by Donal Logue, and who could forget the beautiful, blonde haired Princess Aslaug, once again played by Alyssa Sutherland. Along with a powerful cast, this series has proven to offer many stimulating visual delights. The scenery is amazing and carefully designed to wow the viewer with With the return of this powerful cast, this new season promises to bring more action, adventure and romance than previously seen.

This series is a great one to consider if you are looking to watch a show that can portray the challenging times of the Middle-Ages. Those that enjoy a great romance combined with brutal battles and mysterious happenings will surely grow a quick addiction even if they didn't catch the prior season. Get ready for a night of great entertainment that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next episodes.