Shana Yuji Sakai Sword

Flawless - Carbon Steel, Full Tang
Mildly Sharpened
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In a popular anime series, the well-known Yuji wields this broadsword. This sword known as Blutsauger is fully capable of inflicting some serious damage on an opponent. With a name that when translated means vampire, one might expect this weapon to inflict a serious blow.

This sword has a total length of 35.25 inches long. The 26.25-inch full tang blade is made from carbon steel and has a lightly sharpened blade. The blade has an attractive black finish and is attached to a 9-inch wooden handle with a yellow painted finish.

This piece comes with a matching black nylon sheath with adjustable back strap.

Carbon Steel
4mm Thick Blade
Satin Blade Finish
Full Tang
Wooden Handle Painted YellowIncludes adjustable sheath with shoulder strap and zipper

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