Saizo Mari-Blade Sword

Finely Crafted - Carbon Steel
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It?s hard to resist a dark haired, green-eyed individual who has an unbeatable inner strength and also a softer, gentler side. Saizo is this kind of person who is actually an assassin but hides under the title of a samurai. Saizo carries a large blade that resembles a Kunai, which he typically wears on his back. He is well known for using this weapon to return oncoming fire by reflecting it back to the opponent.

This piece would make a great cosplay item measuring 37.75 inches long. The 24.75-inch heat-treated carbon steel blade features a black and silver two-tone finish.

The short handle is made from wood and wrapped with a white nylon cover. A large ring is located on the pommel and features a delicate white tassel that hangs off the end.

Carbon Steel
Heat Treated
4mm Thick Blade
Full Tang
Large Zanbatou
Includes Sheath

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