Rukia Kuchiki Sode no Shirayuki Handmade Deluxe Sword

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Rukia Kuchiki, from the well known Manga and Anime Series, is the adoptive sister of Byakuya and friend of Ichigo. Rukia is soul reaper, which means she is responsible for ridding hollows, or evil spirits. Sode no Shirayuki is the manifested spirit of her zanpakuto. Look no further for great quality for a great price!

This handmade 44 inch anime sword of Rukia Kuchiki is a must for your collection. The impressive 28.5 inch blade is constructed of high quality 1045 carbon steel, heat tampered with a fast cooling, and is razor sharp. The Sode no Shirayuki hand forged sword is complete with a white nylon cord wrapped single pegged handle. From the pommel of the handle hangs the well known chain with metal ball and white silk ribbon.

1045 Carbon Steel
Razor Sharp
Single Pegged
Comes with a matching wooden white scabbard
Includes a free sword bag to protect your prize possession

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