Replica Video Game Dagger

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In the world of video games, everyone has their favorite character, and also their favorite weapon.

This piece is one that will catch the eye of these special people. This full size replica dagger measures 24.25 inches long. Appearing to be two weapons in one, one edge of this item bears the resemblance of a dagger. The short blade of this dagger edge features a weathered gray appearance. The opposite side of this piece features a sword with a blade that looks like it could easily shred anything in its path. The massive serrated edge measures 18 inches long and is made from stainless steel with a factory-sharpened edge. The 9.75-inch resin handle is a curved piece that rests in between both blades and features a black cord wrap that provides a superb grip.

This item is for display only and comes with a matching display stand.

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