Mugen Shirasaya Samurai Sword

Carbon Steel Blade
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No sword collection is complete without a Samurai Sword.

These swords are what keep the action flowing in many cherished movies. The samurai sword is a means of protection and a status symbol. These swords are perhaps the most cherished possession of sword wielders. This piece, with its attractive black and silver finish, will complement any decor nicely. Proudly display this weapon on a wall or display case to impress family and friends. The sword measures an impressive 43.5 inches long. The 11 inch long handle of this sword has a black finish with a white vein running the length of the handle. The vein resembles a cross at the base of the handle, and then branches out to a fork as it runs toward the blade. The blade measures 26 inches long and is sharpened to razor precision.

The two toned color of the blade completes the beauty of this piece. Wooden scabbard comes with the sword to protect this piece.

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