Deluxe Lambent Light Sword

Flawless - Carbon Steel
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The Deluxe Lambent Light Rapier is a special sword that is only known to those in the pages the ever popular novel series turned anime and video game. This replica sword is a one-handed rapier that is owned by Asuna. Asuna carries a mastered proficiency of one thousand with this small yet powerful weapon.

This replica online sword has a total length of 42 inches. The 30 inch high quality carbon steel blade is 4mm thick a tapers to a point with an unsharpened slight edge. The blade has a gently sloping design. The wood handle has a total length of 9 inches with a fiberglass layer and high gloss automotive quality paint, mint green finish. The zinc aluminum guard is decorated with jewels.

This piece comes with a detailed thick quality wooden scabbard with a brilliant red finish and silver accents.

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