Heaven Anime Stocking Stripes II Katana

Finely Crafted - Carbon Steel
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While almost anything can happen in the world of anime, one might not think that a simple item of clothing could be turned into a life-defending weapon. Stocking, one of the Anarchy sisters is the proud owner of one two such weapons. This sword is formed when stalking removes her left stocking which then transforms into this 33 inch weapon.

This sword has a 23.75-inch carbon steel half tang blade with dark blue stripes. The wooden handle measures 9 inches and is wrapped with a light blue nylon wrap. The guard and pommel are made from metal with a white painted finish.

Carbon Steel
Oiled for Preservation
Tanto Profile
Wakizashi Sized
Wood Handle
Half Tang
Includes White Cordura Sheath with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Snaps

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