Half Pair Red Scissors Anime Sword

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Slightly Sharpened
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Almost everyone knows that a pair of scissors in the wrong hands could be a deadly combination, but a half of a pair of scissors can be even worse. This weapon features a sleek design with a whole lot of damage potential.

This sword has a total length of 31 inches in length. The single edge blade measures 17.5 inches long by 4 MM and is made from a high quality carbon steel with a high gloss red painted finish. The edge of the blade has been slightly sharpened, has a full tang and is functionally capable. The handle features the traditional half crescent shape and is wrapped with nylon cord.

This weapon comes with a sheath that features double shoulder straps, multiple snaps and is fully adjustable to fit most body types.

Carbon Steel
4mm Thick
Full Tang
High Gloss Paint

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