Samurai Anime Sword

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Are you looking for the next great piece to add to your anime sword collection? Or are you an interested beginning sword enthusiast? This piece is a great fit for both.

While this is a one of a kind piece, it combines beauty with intimidation that will be sure to add appreciation and admiration. This samurai sword has the look and feel of swords used in many action scenes. The total length measures an impressive 41 inches.

The handle on this sword measures 12 inches long providing plenty of room for secure gripping. The handle is wrapped with a cord material that adds comfort to the grip. The silver chain attached to the end of the handle makes an attractive accent. The blade of this piece measures 27.5 inches long and is made from carbon steel featuring a two-tone finish.

An attractive black lacquer scabbard offers an attractive home and carrying case for this piece.

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