Anime Rending Scissors Sword Set

Flawless - Carbon Steel
Slightly Sharpened - Factory Sharpened
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What is better than one uniquely designed sword? The matching other half that comes with this set is the better deal!

This weapon is designed to look like a single side of scissors, both equally as dangerous as the other. This set features two scissor blade halves that measure a total length of 31.25 inches in length. The 17.5 inch blades are 4 MM wide and made from Carbon Steel that features a high gloss red paint finish. These blades are Full Tang and are slightly sharp. The handles are made with the traditional scissor design complete with the crescent edge. The handles are wrapped with a red nylon cord wrap. These weapons each come with their own free sheath, with double shoulder straps and multiple snaps, the straps are adjustable to fit most body types.

Carbon Steel
Full Tang
4mm Thick
Factory Sharpened
Do not come connected together, but there are matching center holes

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