Absolute Julie Anime Twin Blades – 2 Sword Set

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Anime sword collectors will be delighted to know that they can own their piece of Japanese anime weaponry, 2 swords at one low price. These carefully designed replicas are made from heat-treated high carbon steel.

Each weapon measures a total length of 28.5 inches long and has a blade length of 18 inches. The 4 mm inch wide blade has a black finish with a deep red design that spirals down the surface of the blade on each side of the blade. These Double Blades are known to make consecutive slashes and referred to as Twin Blades.

Each replica sword comes with a matching scabbard and is sure to be a unique anime sword set that will impress your friends.

2 Sword Set
Includes 2 Carbon Steel Full Tang Swords
Each Sword Comes with Matching Sheath

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