In the world of video and animation, the choice of weaponry is superb. If you are one that daydreams of owning one of these finely crafted weapons, then you have come to the right spot. Our store features replica weaponry like the ever popular Master Sword that has been featured in one of the most popular video game series in today’s gaming world. Or in your favorite anime series, if you catch your breath as your favorite character is forced to use that beautiful Japanese sword, you will be proud to own your very own version, in real life to proudly display in a collection or as a first piece. For those that take more of a liking to up front close combat situations, throwing stars and daggers may capture your attention as well.

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Imagine having your own private collection that you can proudly claim as your own. One of the benefits of owning one of these replicas is that you will know how it feels to hold one of those savage swords in your own hands as you hold it over your head in attack mode. Share the emotion as you experience these weapons in your own hands. The next time you play your favorite game or watch your animated show, you will finally be able to connect with your character on a different level. You will find that our replicas are as close as you can get to the real deal, and with a wide assortment of weaponry, you won’t have a problem finding the piece that you're looking for. Experience the best of the animation and gaming world first hand.