The Walking Dead AMC Sword – Limited Edition

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Now own a piece from the American television drama series, The Walking Dead! Protect yourself from the “walkers” and “biters” with this new piece of zombie apocalypse gear used by the well known character Michonne, also known as Samurai Girl, in the AMC hit series, The Walking Dead! For those that are addicted to the hit television series “The Walking Dead”, fanatics and sword collectors will enjoy knowing that they can own a replica samurai sword that is owned by the notorious Michonne.

This Japanese Samurai sword features a full tang, meaning that the blade continues into the handle. The guard, (tsuba) features an attractive bronze color finish while the handle ( Tsuka) is long enough to provide a secure grip and is covered by a beautiful cream colored ray-skin wrap. The pommel, or Kashira has a rich bronze color and features a clover like design.

This sword comes with its very own scabbard for protection and transporting.

The scabbard features a rich brown color and includes a shoulder strap. This sword has a total length of 42 inches.

The 27 inch long blade is made from a quality 1045 high carbon steel. 42″ Overall, 11.5″ Handle, 27″ BladeLimited Edition, Unique Serial Number.

Certificate of Authenticity Included

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