Inspired by the Hobbit Film Series come these authentic Hobbit replicas. The quality of these Hobbit Swords are sure to not disappoint. And remember that all of the Hobbit Replicas come with our low price guarantee!


One of the clearest memories of my childhood is leaving the theater after having just seen The Lord of the Rings and having my mother ask in awe, “How did they make the Gollum look so thin?” In 1978, the technique used to combine live action and animation in a single film was high-tech (and, done by hand, very labor-intensive). And it was so well done that the audience sometimes lost track of what was live and what was animated—like Gollum. Lord of the Rings set a high standard for fantasy films and introduced me to J.R.R. Tolkien. I’d soon consumed all the Tolkien books I could get my hands on and became a lifelong fan of the fantasy genre. Like most avid readers, I’ve grown into a bit of a snob about the books-versus-films debate, but I still admit a weakness for films of Tolkien’s work.

And so you might guess that I am very excited about: The Hobbit. In this two-part prequel, everyone’s favorite hobbit, Bilbo, is not the complicated hobbit who disappeared from his own 111th birthday party, leaving nephew Frodo to guard the ring of power. Rather, this much younger Bilbo is a conservative, respectable member of his community, the quiet hamlet of the Shire. The Hobbit is divided into two films: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Between them, these films cover the adventures of Bilbo Baggins of Underhill.

Bilbo’s quiet life is disrupted when the traveling wizard Gandalf gets Bilbo to put on a birthday celebration for Thorin Oakenshield—rightful heir to a ruined kingdom—and Thorin’s band of dwarves. At the party, Gandalf dazzles Bilbo with his tricks and convinces the quiet hobbit to come along and help steal the riches of Thorin’s kingdom from the dragon Smaug, who drove Thorin’s grandfather from the kingdom and guards the treasure.

The troop set off in company of the wizard Gandalf but make their own way through the Misty Mountains, where attack by a band of goblins forces them to seek refuge in some ancient goblin tunnels. As the travelers stand on the brink of disaster in the goblin tunnels, they are rescued by Gandalf, who has the habit of appearing at critical moments and then disappearing again. In the course of events, however, Bilbo is separated from the others and happens upon Gollum, holder of the mysterious ring that Bilbo will soon be tasked with guarding until he is 111. Taking the ring along, Bilbo is reunited with his companions and travels on with his secret treasure, the ring that makes him invisible when he puts it on.

A series of trials that faces the group will separate men and elves and dwarves, and bring them back together again. The tale of Bilbo the Hobbit will grow to become a thing of legend, grow so large that Bilbo forgets himself and begins to be a greedy little creature reminiscent of Gollum. All will end well; as we all know the tale of Bilbo’s 111th birthday, but there will be epic adventures between the discovery of the ring and that fateful day.

Having read about the great lengths being taken to make the production of The Hobbit truly special (like traveling to every film location with the entire cast, not just the actors involved), and knowing the advances that have been made in special effects in 1978. The Hobbit collectibles and Hobbit movie swords are now available.

The Replica Hobbit Sting Sword is the smallest of the collection at just over 22 inches in length and includes a wood grain plaque.

The Replica Hobbit Gandalf Staff is a lengthy 73 inches and is steel reinforced and made of hand painted poly resin material. A truly unique collectible.

The Hobbit Orcrist Sword Replica is almost 39 inches in length with a truly unique design that is sure to please any collector. The Sword includes a wood grain display plaque.

See the Hobbit Swords in action in the following trailer.