Sword Steel Types

Damascus Stainless Steel has probably the best overall rating of any sword steel on the market today. The biggest reason is because Damascus Steel is made by combining 2 types of steel into one super strong steel, which yields an impressive sword blade. Easy to sharpen and resistant to rust and corrosion, a Damascus Steel sword is expensive but worth every single penny. Our Cold Steel swords line is a perfect example of Damascuc Stainless Steel blades.

Carbon Steel swords have extreme edges and are razor sharp. A pure high carbon steel is foundy mostly found in real Samurai swords and combat or battle ready swords because of their ease of sharpening. The only detriment to owning a Carbon Steel blade is that they will rust but do not let that keep you from owning a high Carbon Steel sword. Just remember to keep a light covering of oil on the blade to prevent rust and you will be fine.

Surgical Stainless Steel blades and weapons are the benchmark of which most sword blades are made. Surgical Stainless Steel offers a complimentary choice of all factors that sword lovers look for. Sharpness, toughness and rust resistant, the Surgical Stainless Steel swords are the norm for all of our “stainless steel” swords unless otherwise noted.