Zatoichi Blind Swordsman Sword

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Relive the popular Japanese series with this replica of Zatoichi's Sword.

The blind swordsman's weapon comes to life in the affordable recreation featuring an overall length of 40 1/2 inches and a blade length of 29 1/2 inches. Please be aware that there a number of complications in the manufacture of a wood scabbard sword of this design. Typically a sword of this design is prone to having the blade stick inside the scabbard and may be difficult to open. To allow this sword to be opened easily the scabbard has been designed to allow for extra space and thus allow for easy opening but this allows the blade to move inside of the scabbard and cause an audible noise.

This sword, a fine reproduction of the of the blade used by Zatoichi/Ichi in the famous japanese series about a blind swordsman (played by: Shintaro Katsu).Zatoichi is seemingly only a harmless blind masseur who wanders around the country making his living by gambling, however, he is also highly skilled in swordsmanship, specifically iaijutsu, his sword concealed within his walking cane. Shikomizue were generally straight, lower-quality blades, which stood no comparison with regular katanas, but as revealed in Zatoichi's Cane Sword, his weapon was created by a master swordsmith. Known for his daring a bold acts of protecting the innocent against the warring clans in the Edo period.

Complete your japanese and kung fu movie collection with this fine replica!

Measures: Overall: 40 1/2 inches Blade
Length: 29 1/2 inches
Measuring: 39″ Overall, 30″ Blade Portion Length

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