The Spirit Movie Handforged Sword

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From the Producer of 300 comes this unique looking Hand forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Functional sword from the movie The Spirit.

This sword was seen in the movie carried by the one name The Octopus played by Samuel L. Jackson. This Octopus Sword features a Full Tang (Double Pegged) construction which means that the blade continues through the handle. The hilt of the handle is design with a traditional dragon design followed by the black nylon cord wrapped handle. Under the cord is the real ray skin stained in black. The peg of the handle can be seen which tell you its built to last. From the handle to the Silver Guard which also features a Japanese warrior dragon design, back and front. And now for the prized possession part is this handmade 1060 Carbon Steel Blade which is sharpened to its fullest with visible hamon with carries a Notare or Waive Style finish. The blade is also engraved with Japanese Samurai Bushido Code. The Saya or Scabbard features a High Gloss Black Lacquer finish with the Japanese Bushido Code engraved. The Sago is carries a stylish design with a traditional bull horn knot. The scabbard cap is made from the same silver finish steel as the guard and carries a Japanese Samurai Warrior design. This item comes enclosed with a black cotton bag with Samurai Bushido Code, Sword Stand with Bushido Code print and a well design sword box. The box inner lining is from gold silk This sword is a must for any collector or enthusiast and will bring The Spirit back in you.

This sword has an overall length of 40.5″; handle measures 11″, double pegged. The blade is razor sharp and measures 27″.

This set includes sword bag, stand, and design gift box.

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