Samurai 3000 Tanto

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The weapon of the future is here, brought to you through a portal in time by United Cutlery.

The Samurai of the year 3000 A.D. is a master of high technology fighting and weaponry and their primary arm is the plasmium sword, a device constructed by highly disciplined weapon masters using an extremely secretive form of physics. Its virtually indestructible blade, charged by high energy ionized plasma, cuts through practically any material except another blade of its kind. The Samurai code of justice, service, and honor is featured on the handguard, engraved in their secret language. The handle of this high quality adult collectible is made of precisely machined metal parts.

The scabbard locks to the handle and can only be released with a push of a hidden button.

The blade is sharp, fully functional stainless steel. 19-1/4″ overall.

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