Samurai swords are truly an elegant addition for display in any home or office. Samurai warriors have been using swords for centuries to protect their beliefs and expand their power. Regardless if you are into Japanese Samurai fighting styles or just a fan of the sleek designs of the Samurai sword, any of our pieces would make a perfect fit for Samurai sword enthusiasts.


Samurai swords have always been considered as the "soul" of the warrior. True Samurai warriors always wore two swords; one sword long and the other short. This is typically the reason you see Samurai Sword sets for sale. Unless you plan on cutting someone completely in half with your Samurai weapon, any of our stainless steel Samurai swords or sets would be an excellent choice for presenting or practice fighting. If you are indeed looking for a very high quality Japanese sword, a full tang battle ready Samurai sword forged with carbon steel is the way to go.

Ninjas were considered spys for Samurai warriors and as spys they were forced to be silent killers. They dressed in all black and were thought to have superhuman skills and even magical abilities. Japanese ninjas were the best of all Samurai and their ninja swords were of the highest grade and razor sharp. A ninja sword is full tang and battle ready in most instances but over the years, there are various styles of ninja swords to choose from. Now that is about all I know about ninjas and their swords but I do know this...I don't know of anyone that did not want to be a ninja and carry a ninja sword at some point in their lives. Have fun and pick up one of our japanese ninja swords today!
True Japanese swords are almost a thing of the past in todays world. The Japanese sword or Katana Sword, is a thing of beauty and a real collectors piece. Traditional Japanese swords are typically bought and sold in sets because Japanese warriors used the long swords for combat and a similar shorter sword, called a wakizashi, as a side arm for close combat. In true Japanese style, in replace of a wakizashi, some Japanese warriors would choose an even smaller version called a tanto for the same purposes. Regardless of which Japanese sword you choose to own, these antique swords are hand crafted with the finest materials and make a perfect addition for any collector or reenactor.

Functional swords with sharp carbon steel blades are for the true sword enthusiasts. These weapons are typically full tang battle ready swords and priced to sell. We do our very best to select battle ready swords that are reasonably priced but also offer the quality you are seeking in an authentic functional sword. With one of these battle ready swords I don't think you will have any problems with intruders as these are considered lethal weapons that would make anyone think twice. Be very careful with these functional battle ready swords because they are sharp!