Samurai Sword Parts

samurai swords parts - Samurai Sword PartsSamurai swords have been around for centuries. Now, they are apart of our culture so its importand that you understand the terminology and parts of the samurai sword.

The first thing to note is the different names of the samurai sword.

  • Daito – Katana or Long Sword
  • Wakizashi – Medium Sword
  • Tanto – Short Sword or Dagger
  • Daisho – Daito (Katana) and Wakizashi (Medium sword) Set

Traditionally, a Daisho are the worn swords of a true Samurai warrior.

A samurai sword has many parts and is what distinguishes itself from another. The characteristics of these different parts of the samurai sword is also what generates the value of a real samurai sword.

The most common names are the;

  • Kashiri – Pommel
  • Tsuka – Handle
  • Fuchi – Handle Collar
  • Tsuba – Guard
  • Habaki – Blade Collar
  • Hamon – Blade Temper Line
  • Mune – Back of the Blade
  • Yakiba – Blade Edge
  • Kisaki – Blade Point
  • Saya – Scabbard

There are other critical parts of a real samurai sword as you can see from the illustration, but these terms are the most widely used.

When choosing a samurai sword for your collection, whether it be as a wall hanger on display or for actual cutting or combat practice, these parts of the samurai is how you should decide which samurai sword to purchase.

The most important factor is, of course, the blade itself. You want to make sure you choose a high quality carbon steel blade that has been folded and tempered. This will ensure durability and precision cutting.