Robin Longstride otherwise known as Robin Hood or Robin Hood of Locksley was a soldier, archer and Englishman. He spent his adult life abroad as an infantryman in the ranks of King Richard’s army. After the death of King Richard aka, Richard the Lionheart, Robin returned to England to discover a nation crippled by poverty and robbed of an entire generation of men. He vows to fight the injustices of his homeland and stand in open defiance of the ruling class.


Robin Hood, the untold story of how the man became a legend.

The name Robin Hood has survived for more than 700 years. It has been handed down century after century in stories, folktales and legends - regarded alternately as fact and fantasy.

The stories of Robin are among the oldest in England's oral histories, stretching far back into the early medieval period of the 13th century and finding literacy form with surviving 15th and 16th century ballads such as "A Gest of Robyn Hode," "Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar" and "Robin and the Monk". As far as we know, however, there's no actual "Robin" who serves as a single, authentic inspiration for the tales.