The Walking Dead Officially Licensed Michonne’s Sword

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The walking dead is series that airs on AMC. Based on a comic book series, The Walking Dead leads viewers along a quest with zombie apocalypse survivors. This group is confronted numerous times on a daily basis with zombies, or “walkers” that seek to devour the living.

This Officially Licensed Michonne Sword, featured in the hit series, The Walking Dead, is flawless!

Michonne is a zombie warrior that makes her appearance in the season finale of the second series. This sword measures a total length of 42 inches long and features a beautiful 27 inch long 1045 carbon steel blade.

The sword is full tang and has an elegantly wrapped handle that features a white ray-skin wrap.

This sword also comes with a matching scabbard that provides a way to safely protect and transport this amazing Licensed sword.

This sword comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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