Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm

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It is the sworn duty of a Woodland Guard to protect the territory of the Elvin king.

These guards are known to be highly skilled, vicious warriors with an attractive arsenal of weapons. One of these said weapons happens to be the Double-Bladed Polearm. This Officially Licensed weapon measures 72 1/8 inches in length, providing more than enough room to be effectively used. Two blades, both located on each end of the weapon measure 21 1/8 inches long, offering enough blade edge to behead or seriously wound an unwanted intruder. The blades feature a bronze finish and are made from a rugged stainless steel while the center is a hardwood shaft.

This piece comes with an attractive wall mount and a certificate of authenticity. Proudly display this weapon of defense on the wall of your home.

Update From United

We are pleased to announce that we have finally approved a production sample of the Mirkwood Double Bladed Polearm from The Hobbit trilogy and manufacturing has begun. We apologize for the extended delay of the release of this item and appreciate your patience during the process. Our original plan to manufacture this product into two separate pieces for ease of shipping presented too many structural hurdles which finally became too difficult to overcome. After several rounds of unsuccessful revisions, we made the decision to go with a one-piece design that will retain the overall integrity of the product.

The retail packaging of this item will stretch about 74″ in length and we are expecting the first shipment to arrive in late December 2015.

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