LOTR Sword of Eowyn

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The Lord of the Rings Museum Collection With over 100 million copies sold in over 40 languages, millions have grown up with “The Lord of the Rings,” the classic epic tale considered by millions to be the greatest fantasy-adventure story ever told. J.R.R. Tolkien's phenomenal epic trilogy chronicles the struggle between good and evil for possession of a magical ring. The book trilogy, named the most popular book of the 20th Century, has been presented in a series of feature films from New Line Cinema. “The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” together compose the motion picture event of the 21st Century. A work of sheer invention on a staggering scale, “The Lord of the Rings” takes us back to “Middle-earth,” an era that predates written history, where humans share the world with immortal elves, powerful wizards, and industrious dwarves.

This Rohirrim blade is sure to be a big favorite, from final film “The Return of the King”. This is the weapon that Eowyn, white Lady of Rohan, along with the aid of Merry, uses to slay the Witchking and his steed. The beautiful and strong Eowyn was trained as a Shield-maiden, and was considered to have surpassed many Rohirrim men in terms of craft and skill. She carried a full-sized sword, which measured nearly three feet in length, from tip to hilt. The bronze guard and pommel were styled beautifully in honor of the mearas, to improve the grip of Eowyn's small hand upon the sword. The handgrip was crafted with a raised middle section of three bronze rings. A wide fuller groove runs down 3/4 of the blade to reduce the weight, yet still retain critical blade strength. This type of fuller was common among royal swords of the Rohirrim. Against her uncles wishes, a disguised Eowyn rode with the Rohirrim to the Pelennor Fields along with the hobbit, Merry, in defense of their fallen king. Eowyn achieved true heroism as she succeeded in the slaying of the Witch King and his fellbeast. “Eowyn leapt up and took her sword. With one last swoop, she drove her sword between crown and mantel, as his great shoulders bowed before her.

Eowyn's sword broke as well, and the crown rolled onto the ground. The Nazgul shrieked and cried his harsh voice shuddering air. It faded into a shrill wailing, passing with the wind, a voice bodiless and thin that died.

” Features: 36-1/2″ overall length 30-1/8″ 420 stainless steel blade, double fuller grind, false-edged Genuine leather-wrapped grip Solid metal guard and pommel, antique brass plated finish Hilts are cast in the symbols of the famed horses of Rohan Wood display plaque with screened horse design Certificate of authenticity

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