LOTR High Elven Warrior Shield

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This is the officially licensed version from United Cutlery. An ancient human like race of Middle-Earth, Elves are noble, elegant and magical beings in harmony with the natural world and its forces. Elves have clearer perception and more heightened awareness than humans, which was a valuable aid when Gil-galad, the last High King of the Noldor, joined Elendil, King of Gondor, to create The Last Alliance of Elves and Men in order to defeat the evil Sauron and his legions of orcs. The army of the Last Alliance win the Battle of Dagorlad. Then, on the slopes of Mt. Orodruin, despite heavy losses, the Alliance managed to drive Sauron’s forces back. cornered there, Sauron himself took to the battlefield. After heavy battle, Gil-galad and Elendil were slain, but Isildur, son on Elendil, cut “The One Ring” from Sauron’s finger, thus ending his reign of power. The High Elven Warrior Shield is a reflection of the stately army of Elves that fought against Sauron and his forces, and was designed around a leaf motif, adorned with an elven vine design to reflect the organic nature based culture of the Elves.

With over 100 million copies sold in over 40 languages, millions have grown up with “The Lord of the Rings,” the classic epic tale considered by millions to be the greatest fantasy-adventure story ever told. J.R.R. Tolkien’s phenomenal epic trilogy chronicles the struggle between good and evil for possession of a magical ring. The book trilogy, named the most popular book of the 20th Century, is the motion picture event of the 21st Century. “The Lord of the Rings” is presented in a trilogy of feature films from New Line Cinema, beginning with the blockbusters “The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers,”and continuing with the 3rd film, “The Return of the King,”. A work of sheer invention on a staggering scale, “The Lord of the Rings” takes us back to “Middle-earth,” an era that predates written history, where humans share the world with immortal elves, powerful wizards, and industrious dwarves. Limited Edition High Elven Warrior ShieldThis adult collectible is strictly limited to 5000 pieces world wide and each Helm is individually serialized to insure authenticity.

Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity. High Elven Warrior Shield: Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity, along with a second certificate personally autographed by production designer John Howe. Mr Howe designed the High Elven Warrior Shield and many of the props featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy of feature films, presented by New Line Cinema.

Overall Length: 54-1/2″ tall x 20-7/8″ wideShield Material: Fiberglass-reinforced cast resin, Elven vine design, antiqued finish, aluminum and wood handle, genuine leather-wrapped grip.

Mounting Bracket: Cast metal.

Includes a braided leather strap that attaches to the handle for hanging. Hardware, instructions included.

Packaging: Foam mold, full color sleeve. Remailer box.

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