Lancelot’s Blades from King Arthur

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Impressed by Lancelot’s Blades as featured in the hit film “King Arthur”? No sword enthusiast wasn’t, and now all enthusiasts can grab for themselves a replica of these very blades, right here!

A two-sword set, each sword is 26″ long and each blade is 18 3/4″ in length. These swords look incredible and they are made from the highest quality materials. The blades are constructed from solid Stainless Steel, and have a smooth black anodized finish, which really adds to the attraction! The beautiful blades are complimented ever so well with the brass plated pommel and guard, which surround the black grips.

These swords are stunners, and come with a nylon sheath which secures the swords across the warrior’s back.

The quality is amazing and the price unbelievable, so order yours today!

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