Kill Bill Katanas

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Sword enthusiasts and “Kill Bill” fans no doubt remember the “Kill Bill Katanas” that featured in the Tarantino hit, and now this amazing two sword set is available right here for the price of one sword! We can hardly believe it, and we know anybody who loves swords and the film will love this set!

These two swords – Bill’s sword and Bride’s sword – were designed based upon the pieces featured in “Kill Bill” and “Kill Bill Vol. 2″ and they are made from the highest quality Stainless Steel.

With an overall sword length of 41.25″ and blade length of 29.25″, these swords, with their handles measuring 12” in length are impressive to see and to hold. The handle is made from a rubber coated metal and wrapped with black thread, to reflect the traditional katana design. The swords themselves are not sharpened, however they look sharp.

The Bride’s blade is decorated with additional engraving near the handle. Beautifully designed and detailed, these swords come with a hardened acrylic and metal scabbard and black painted wood display stand with Japanese lettering in gold.

Absolutely gorgeous and a piece you definitely have to have! You simply will not find better quality swords at this price anywhere else!

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