Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Japanese Samurai Katana

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It’s a sword that symbolizes all that is elite in Japanese warrior history, and if you know your swords, you would have noticed the “Hattori Hanzo Japanese Samurai Katana” in the hugely popular film, “Kill Bill”. Now you can own for yourself a replica of the Katana used in the film!

This sword was designed based upon the very sword seen in the film, and measures in at a huge 41 1/4″ overall, with an impressive 27 3/4″ blade.

This sword is of the highest quality, with its stainless steel blade, complete with the lion symbol stamped into the blade, as you saw in the movie. The sword features a dragon design menuki and traditional 12″ black cord wrapped handle, over simulated rayskin. The piece comes with an orchid design cast metal scabbard with gold replica ‘three leaf’ symbol etched into the polished black scabbard.

The scabbard features a mouth cap, collar and end cap and compliments the sword beautifully. Order your “Hattori Hanzo Japanese Samurai Katana” and you will also receive a single horizontal wooden sword stand, decorated with the samurai code markings of ‘bushido’.

Definitely a sword you won’t want to miss out on owning, so buy now!

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