Hobbit Sting Sword and Scabbard Combo

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Calling all Bilbo fans. What is a sword without the scabbard? We have created a Hobbit Sting Sword and Scabbard Combo for the true collector.

This exact replica is proof that even a hobbit can wield power. This knife was claimed by Bilbo and used to defend his dwarf companions. Even though it was a knife, to Bilbo it was the equivalence of a sword. Bilbo used the weapon masterfully and carefully chose the name “Sting” after he slayed his first monstrous spider. This licensed collector’s piece is an exact replica to the knife that Bilbo carried in the movie. This piece measures 22 1/4 inches long and is crafted from AUS-6 Stainless Steel. The 15 3/8 inch smooth blade is etched with a vine type image that bleeds under the guard and turns into a more pronounced vine that wraps around the pommel of the weapon. The pommel is made from a solid metal material.

This sword comes with a wooden display plaque with a silkscreen Hobbit motif, and certificate of authenticity.

All serious sword and Hobbit enthusiasts owe it to themselves to add the licensed Sting Scabbard to their collection. This scabbard was used as a protective cover for the knife that Bilbo found in the same location that two other swords, Glamdring and Orcrist were found. The scabbard measures 18 3/4 inches long. The leather body features metal fittings, one at the opening, and another at the base. The metal fitting at the base of the scabbard flows into a delicate yet somewhat intimidating curl that lies against the leather surface of the scabbard. A leather belt strap completes the look.

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