Hobbit Orcrist Sword and Scabbard Combo

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One of our Best Selling Hobbit Swords is now offered in this great package deal with the newly released Orcrist Scabbard!

The Officially Licensed Orcrist Sword is an intimidating piece of savage weaponry. Carefully crafted to be an exact look-a-like to the weapon used in the movie. This sword measures 38 3/4 inches in length. The words “The serpent’s tooth” are inscribed on both sides of the sword. The 25 7/8 inch stainless steel blade features a delicately etched leaf pattern located near the base of the hilt. The leaf pattern flows onto the hilt, which develops the look of a dragons tooth. The guard on this sword is inscribed with the words Orcrist, “goblin-cleaver”.

The handle is made from an acrylic resin and fabricated gem stones. To complete the look, the sword comes with its own wooden display featuring a silkscreen graphic, and certificate of authenticity. The officially licensed Orcrist Scabbard is a replica of the scabbard that carries the famous sword known as Orcrist. Orcrist belongs to Thorin Oakenshield, the lead dwarf. This scabbard features a wooden finish with pewter trim. This piece includes the fine detail the original piece carries including the delicate Elvin vine pattern and Runic inscription. The inner cavity of this scabbard is lined with felt.

A belt clip allows the owner of this scabbard to wear it proudly on their side.

Certificates of Authenticity Included

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