Hobbit Gandalf’s Glamdring Sword and Staff Combo

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For the true Hobbit Gandalf fan we have created the Gandalf Staff and Glamdring Sword Combo.

This replica staff of Gandalf is designed to look like an ordinary tree limb, but only those that own a staff and Gandalf himself know the true hidden powers. This licensed staff is made from a polyresin that has been carefully painted and has the realistic look of an ordinary tree limb combined with elven artwork. At an impressive 73 inches, this staff will create imaginative conversation between family and friends. For display purposes, suspend your staff from the elven styled steel reinforced wall plaque that is inscribed with Gandalfs? mark.This Glamdring Sword, also owned by Gandalf and used to slay the evil goblins of Misty Mountain, can now find a place in your home. The licensed Hobbit movie sword is available for collectors to proudly display in their sword collections. Created as an exact replica to that used in the movie, this sword will truly become the centerpiece of any collection. The long slender blade made from AUS-6 stainless steel measures 35 1/4 inches long with an overall length of 47 5/8 inches. The curved steel guard separates that blade from the handle. The handle is crafted from cast metal, with a tightly wrapped leather grip covering. Replicated blue jewel inlays in the handle add to the attractiveness of this admirable sword. Display this piece on its own wood grain plaque with silkscreen design.

These authentic replicas are reproductions of the actual filming props used in the motion picture, THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY.

Includes certificates of authenticity.

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