Roman Centurion Sword

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As a professional officer of the Roman army, centurions began by leading junior centuries and then would be promoted to leading senior centuries. Just like the sword used by General Virilus, a true historic figure, in the movie “Centurion”. This sword comes with an amazing story!

The “Centurion” movie takes place in Roman Britain 117 A.D. After the Pict’s raid on the Roman frontier fort, sole survivor, Quintus Dias, and General Virilus with the Roman Ninth Legion, march into the haze and mist of Scotland, where the Picts live like scavengers. The Roman army is ambushed and General Virilus is taken captive. Only seven soldiers survive, working together to rescue their General, running for their lives for the Roman boarder.

The “Centurion Sword” is 31.5″ overall with a 22″ etched, polished, stainless steel blade with a wood finished scabbard and hilt.

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