You have seen these swords in the Lord of the Rings movie series and now you can have one of your very own. Choose from our officially licensed or replicas; no collection should be without Lord of the Rings Swords and any of these LOTR swords are perfect for any fanatic. And remember, all of our medieval swords are have our low price guarantee!

Please note that many of these items have been discontinued by the manufacturer.


All "LOTR" Lord of the Rings swords are authentic movie replicas created by United Cutlery from the LOTR series. We also offer replicas of those and they are marked as such. If you are truly a fan of the Sting Sword carried by Frodo or the Witchking Sword and later the Anduril Sword carried by Aragorn, any of these movie replica swords would make a fine addition to your gallery. Regardless of what United Cutlery does in the future with these authentic Lord of the Ring Swords, as an avid collector myself, I can assure you that we will continue to offer quality Lord of the Rings swords at rock bottom prices.

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