From the best selling novel and as seen in the new blockbuster motion picture, these licensed Eragon sword collectibles feature amazing details with articulate top-quality craftsmanship. These dragon swords mirror the actual movie props for authentic representation. Each blade is constructed from stainless steel construction with unique accents. All Eragon replica movie swords includes a wooden wall display plaque. We hope you enjoy these movie swords as much as you enjoyed watching the movie…I know I do.

Dec ’08 Update: The manufacturing license held by Master Cutlery has apparently expired. As they make all of the Eragon stuff, expect everything listed here to slowly disappear as stocks dry up. Grab your Eragon swords before they disappear!

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I finally got around to watching the movie Eragon. Usually I try to get the theatre when a movie releases but this time I had to wait for the DVD. Before I get into the weapons and swords from the Eragon movie, I will give you our Eragon movie review.

The beginning starts out as most movies. The history and characters are identified and finally we get to see the baby dragon hatch from its egg. The realism of the baby dragon was done very well and the transition from baby to full grown was really awesome. While I thought the beginning was a little on the slow side, the movie finishes with a bang. Faced against an incredible demon army, the rebels along with Eragon and his dragon, Saphira seek to destroy the likes of Galbatorix and the dark magic of Durza. The magic powers of the dragon rider although not able to save Grom, were enough to save his dragon Saphira in the end. Not to ruin the surprise at the end, but the movie Eragon ends with the appearance of Galbatorix unleashing his dragon...can anyone say bring on Eragon the movie part 2!

Now, lets get to what we are all really here for. The swords and weapons from the movie Eragon! We have stocked some of the best movie swords for years but the Eragon sword is by far one of the best movie collectibles that I have ever seen. The quality of this movie sword is brilliant. The limited edition blades are all sold out but that should not deter anyone from picking up one of these blood red Eragon swords for their collection or costume. Just like in the movie, this sword has an awesome bright blue sapphire held by two dragon tails. The metal dragon guard and included sword plaque and leather scabbard make this a must have weapon for any collection. In the movie, there is not much emphasis on the other Eragon movie swords such as the replica Arya sword or the sword of Galbatorix but I suspect in the next 2 Eragon movies, these will become more featured pieces. In the meantime, we have in stock and ready to ship each replica sword from the movie Eragon. We hope you enjoy our site and our movie review and look forward to helping you find your next movie prop and Eragon sword collectible!