Get ready for the next great movie, 47 Ronin!

For those that enjoy a little bit of action, mixed with a little bit of imagination, this movie is sure to be a hit. This soon-to-be new hit movie is a combination of Lord of the Rings and Gladiator. In 47 Ronin, a group of Samurai warriors lose their master to the hands of a ruthless, cold-blooded warlord (Lord Kira). The Samurai are forced from their home and into a world of the unknown. Once there, they face many terrors and obstacles that even the most skilled of warriors would struggle with. In desperation for survival and a thirst for revenge, they seek the guidance of the warrior they banished years before, Kai. Kai is played by the always powerful and impressive Keanu Reeves. While this production follows the events of a real life occurrence, modifications were made to include witches, warlords and mystical creatures.

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Universal Pictures disclosed the project plans for this movie in 2008, with a suggested production year of 2009. Due to unexpected changes and modifications, the actual filming of this movie began on March 14, 2011. With Keanu Reeves (Kai) and Tadanobu Asano (Lord Kira) as the main characters, four other talented Japanese actors were selected as cast members to provide a more authentic feel to the plot of this action-packed mythical movie. In order to aid in a smoother production, this movie was shot in two languages, the first being in Japanese in order for the Japanese actors to understand and merge with the plot, and finalized in the English language. To complete the authentic look and feel of the story, the actors are fitted with Japanese attire. The costumes in this movie are a combination of traditional Kimonos combined with some modern flair. Not only does this movie contain an exceptional cast that promises to deliver pulse-pounding action, it is written by Chris Morgan; also known for the creation of Fast and Furious, The Vatican Tapes and Fast Five. 47 Ronin is directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and produced by Scott Stuber, also producer of hits such as Battleship, Ted, and Identity Thief. The colorful and creative costumes in this piece were created by Penny Rose who also created costumes for Pink Floyds album The Wall, and also the costumes featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean sagas. With the creative combined minds of the producer, director, cast and costume designer, 47 Ronin is sure to be a movie that you will not want to miss.