Indian Gurkha Kukri Regimental Fighting Knife

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The Khukri, legendary close combat weapon of the Gurkha regiments, is to this day standard military issue. This version, produced to Indian armed forces specifications, retains the traditional accessory knives and the blade notch symbolizing the trident of Shiva, the war god.

In addition to its collector appeal, the high carbon steel handmade full-tang blade, exotic natural brown hardwood handle and copper steel butt plate make this rugged piece an ideal tool for the outdoorsman. The scabbard is also a masterpiece to possess. It is well covered with natural leather with a brass plated end cap. The scabbard also has a belt loop for easy carrying.

Overall length of this knife is 19.5″ while the blade measures 13.25″.

The handle is 6.5″ and is constructed with wood and brass fittings.

This knife is made from high carbon steel and comes with a hard leather scabbard and belt loop.

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