Roman Gladius Legion Sword

Carbon Steel Blade, Double Sided, Safety Edge, Rockwell 45-55 RC
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Gladiators were often slaves or social outcast, criminals or ex-military men. They were used as a source of public entertainment and fought to the death. Occasionally a gladiator had very little to defend himself with. Those that were fortunate defended themselves with a Roman Gladius.

This weapon is stout and powerful, capable of breaking a spear, yet small enough to effectively cause up close damage. This brutal piece of weaponry is 29.5 inches long with a 22 inch, carbon steel blade. The blade is 2.1 inches wide and 4mm thick. A 2.75 inch carbon steel guard separates the blade from a 4.75 inch long handle that is made from hardwood, the ridged handle makes gripping the weapon comfortable.

Includes a black leather wrapped wooden scabbard, complete with hand worked polished brass fittings.

A shoulder back strap attaches to the scabbard’s brass rings.

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