Knights of St. John Masons Medieval Sword

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The Knights of St John Masons Sword in silver features a 440 stainless steel blade with a very sharp point. The ricasso (the unsharpened part of the blade just below the hilt that allows the blade to be grasped safely) is long on this blade, for maximum leverage. With a 26¾” blade, there's ample room for such a luxury. The sword measures 33¾” in length overall with highly detailed trimmings.

The maltese cross theme is seen in the shape of the sword itself, imprinted on the ricasso, and repeated on the metal scabbard in red. Eagle and rose themes are also worked into this beautiful sword and scabbard. The Knights of St John, or Masons, began during the crusades and while the members are not clergy, the cross and rose themes are of deep significance.

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