Damascus Steel Spatha Sword

Nearly Flawless
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For those of you that are looking to bring a piece of Greek Infantry into your home, your not going to find a finer replica than what you see here.

This Greek Spatha Sword was one that was primarily used by those on horseback. This piece measures a total length of 28-inches long and has a 21.5-inch true crafted Damascus Steel blade complete with 3 blood grooves on both sides of the blade. The 6.5-inch long wood, brass, and bone handle is short enough to grasp securely while still allowing for a fierce swing. The dark finish with the bone grip and brass fittings makes this an eye-catching weapon.

This piece also comes with a brown decorative leather sheath with 2 studded belt loop.

Damascus Steel Blade
176 Blade Layers
Folding Amount 300-350 Times

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