Flaming Dragon Templar Knights Sword

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The Knights Templar honored St. George, who legendarily slew a lake-dwelling dragon in order to save the daughter of the king from being sacrificed to the beast. While dragons in Christianity traditionally represented evil, the Knights embraced the symbols of the dragon who surrendered peacefully to St. George before he slew it in exchange for the Christian conversion of the entire population of the Syrian town where the story is said to have taken place. So it is that on this sword we find stylized versions of the cross paired with ferocious dragons’ heads, adorned with red stones and scrollwork reminiscent of the East. The black grip of this sword is crafted in raised spirals above a pronounced rain guard over a classically spear-formed double-edged blade of 440 high-polished stainless steel.

This sword is 33 3/8 inches in overall length with a 23 7/8 inch blade. The 440 stainless steel scabbard that’s included features matching metalwork to the adornments on the pommel and guard of the sword.

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