Athenian Greek Empire Spartan Battle Sword

Flawless - Black Carbon Steel Satin Edge
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Sword collectors understand the importance of having a diverse group of quality replica weapons in a collection. A variety of high quality weapons can mean the difference between a dry and boring display, or a vivid, exciting arrangement. This medieval Greek Empire Hoplite Battle Sword bears a strange resemblance to the Athenian politician and general’s sword.

This awesome quality sword has a total length of 32 inches. The 23.6 inch blade is crafted from heat-treated black carbon steel with satin edges. The blade is full tang and oiled. The handle, pommel and guard are crafted from a strong durable zinc alloy that resists rusting.

This replica Greek Empire Sword comes with a genuine leather sheath with belt strap and buckle.

32 Inches Overall
Black Carbon Steel
Satin Edge
5MM Thick Black Carbon Steel Blade
Leather Sheath w/ Belt Strap and Buckle

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