Barbarians, kings and knights of the round table bring us back to medieval times and no one should be without a medieval sword. Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of soldiers from a far away land and you are a mighty warrior with your trusty medieval sword forged from the kings blacksmith himself…ahh what a day that would be. If you ask me, I would be scared to death but at least I can come close to the action by selecting one of these finely crafted medieval swords. To fully equip yourself, be sure to check out our Medieval Daggers section for great close in blades. If you need something a little more creative, check out our fantasy swords collection.


In medieval times there were many events that history reveals to be of consequence. These historical swords are just some of those times. Historians and authentic sword collectors treasure replica historical swords that have made an impact on our heritage and culture. These replica swords were carried by great men and women of history and have made it into our very own collection for your pleasure. We hope you take a stroll down memory lane with one of these historical swords that have past the test of time and proven to be a sword masterpiece.

Knight swords are one of the most sought after swords selling today. Think about this... deep inside the castle walls in the early morning, peasants are busy and the markets are already full. While trade and barter takes place in the courtyards the King conducts business with royalty from distant lands. The one thing that keeps order within the kingdom are the strong steadfast and loyal Knights of the King. Dressed in armor and carrying only the best knight swords crafted by the personal blacksmith of the King himself, these medieval soldiers protect the people and the King and the medieval weapon of choice is none of other than a Knight Sword. Knight swords generally have intricate detail in the blade and hilt. Laced with pure gold and silver and gemstones the higher up the ladder the Knight was, the better and more detailed their knight swords became. Listed below are a few of my favorites and I am sure you will find a knight sword to your liking as well.