Greco Roman Crest Helmet

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Exquisite design and workmanship are the hallmarks of Made by Windlass Steelcrafts¨ and this helmet really shows it off!

This spectacular crested helmet first appeared in a primitive form around 350 B.C. in Greece. During the Roman Empire times, this design grew more complex and saw it's popularity skyrocket among Legionnaires, Centurions, and Legates up to around 400 A.D. in various versions, both plain and decorative. Windlass' design is made from hand-worked brass and is fitted with handsome leather accents. The horsehair crest makes this helmet fit for any officer. It should be noted that this helmet does not represent any one specific helmet, but instead represents the styles that appear in artifacts throughout history.

Available with either a black or red crest (select when ordering), this helmet is a must for any re-enactor or fine military collector. Measures 12″ in diameter with a circumference of 24″.

Weighs approximately 7 lbs.

No stand is included with this helmet.

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