Lady’s Medieval Body Armor

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During the Medieval era, an individual heavily relied upon their armor to survive a battle. The armor, although it appears heavy, only averaged around 55 pounds for the average person. The armor was carefully designed for each unique individual to ensure a correct fit.

This Gothic German style body armor is a replica of what might have been worn during this dark time. This piece is made from a quality 18 gauge steel and includes the pauldrons, chest and back plates and arm and leg harness.

This piece can be adjusted for a snug fit by using the adjustable leather straps.

Chest & Backplate
Arm Harness (Vambrace/Rerebrace)
Legs (Cuisse/Poleyns)
GreavesAdjustable Leather StrapsGorget Front: L-9, W-12.25, Neck-5.75
Gorget Back: L-8.25, W-12.25, Neck-6.20
Cuirass Front: L-16, W-12
Cuirass Back: L-16, W-13.50
Pauldrons: L-12, Shoulder Width-9, Arm Width-6 (Pair)
Tasssets: L-10.50, W-11.25 (Pair)
Bracers: L-10.50 Upper Width-3.50, Lower Width-3 (Pair)
Greaves: L-19.25, Widest Width-9 (Pair)

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